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TataJill Bucy and Tata Harper = Skincare Dream Team

Seattle Magazine' Ali Brownrigg visited Svetlana for a treatment and got an added bonus: an interview with Tata Harper herself. (Posted 09/20/2013)

To Do: Skincare With Svetlana (at Jill Bucy)TO DO: Skincare with Svetlana

Heard of Jill Bucy? It may be familiar to fans who’ve been patronizing the French spa religiously since Jill Bucy founded it back in 2006. The spa quickly garnered both local and national recognition but when Jill’s husband was called to some faraway place for work this past year, Jill decided it was time to pass the torch. (Posted 08/14/2013)

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Get gorgeous

Jill Bucy Skincare has one of only four Biologique Recherche Remodeling Face Machines in the United States. This treatment delivers mild currents to the skin helping to thoroughly clean pores, improve texture and increase the definition of your features among a myriad of other wonderful benefits. ...If you want to talk results, this is truly on of Seattle’s best beauty treatments. (Posted 09/05/2012)

French Face Forward in Seattle with Jill Bucy

French Face Forward in Seattle with Jill Bucy

Not a week after posting about Paris's beauty event Rives de la Beaute, we've found another reason to love Francophone beauty things... Jill Bucy spa in Seattle. Yes, you read that right... Seattle. This is one of the few places in America where 30-year old French beauty brand Biologique Recherche is available. Get the same sort of treatments Parisiennes get at Jilly Bucy with her Classic French Facial, Advanced French Facial or 45-minute Vital Cleanse. After living in Paris and frequenting the tiny, local spa on Rue de Montorgueil, I know what it is to have a French facial treatment. Efficient and resulted-oriented (there was no music, no faff... just pure beauty treatment)... and I miss it. Excerpted; read the complete blog post at Beauty Woo Me. (Posted 09/23/2009)

Best Face Forward

We watch the red carpet events in total and complete awe of the flawless, translucent skin that the stars possess. How do they accomplish such a feat? Sure, our skincare routine has improved since high school, when we regularly slathered our faces with Oxy pads, but to get to that next level, we are in need of a guru—a skincare guru. (Posted 04/04/2008)

Yelp Reviews

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Jill Bucy has completely changed my view on facials not to mention my complexion.
— krisncolby

High class (no nickel-and-diming). The price is reasonable and they treat you like you're at a four-star spa. The location is discreet and convenient. But, the best part about Jill Bucy is the people. They are knowledgeable, personable, and fun!
— Rachel K., Seattle

This commendation is long overdue. I have visited your spa several times (each time I’m in Seattle, in fact) and have nothing but good things to say. Very good things, in fact. The last time I was there was on my way to Mexico in February. I stopped in for a pedicure going down, and a facial going back. Both were fabulous. The salon itself is luxurious, but retains an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication. The products are wonderful, and the “massage room” was the best!
But I save my highest praise for the staff. They are what set Jill Bucy apart from the rest. I’m always treated wonderfully well — everyone from the receptionist to the therapists to Jill herself creates a welcoming, casual, yet professional atmosphere.
So, before I start to froth at the mouth, let me summarize. My absolutely favourite spa, anywhere.
— Victoria Boire, British Columbia

Yesterday I had the most phenomenal French facial at Jill Bucy Skin Care with head skincare therapist Taryn. I left feeling completely revived, both physically and emotionally. Taryn has an amazing level of expertise that is very obvious in her facial treatments. The skin care specialists have full CIDESCO (Comite International Desthetique et de Cosmetologie) training; the world’s most prestigious skin care qualification. The spa is located on the first floor of the MarQueen Hotel in the heart of Lower Queen Anne.
What an incredible experience this was. Pamper yourself and go check it out. You’ll be wondering why you don’t do this more often.
— Susan Moore, Queen Anne Living Undressed blog

Francophiles of Seattle rejoice! We have a brand new French style salon inside of the MarQueen hotel in lower Queen Anne that will satiate your desire for all things French without leaving you jet lagged, covered in croissant crumbs, or wearing a silly beret."
— Michelle B.

The whole experience is from heaven. It starts with a glass of cool water in their gorgeous salon lounge, and then an hour or so of soin totale elapses:
Nature-based emulsions and preparations applied to the skin, revitalizing massage, and the nicest estheticians on the planet. I had a deep cleanse facial yesterday and I'm still glowing like crazy.
I also had a pedicure and it was very nicely done, giving me hope it will last a lot longer than the strip mall pedis I've been getting. And, here's something revolutionary they did: They put my thong sandals on BEFORE they applied the polish. Einstein, move over!
— Abigail Hamilton

I tried this with my sister two months ago. I really love what they did. They really do intensive facial skin care and massage. I am definitely sold to this one and will come back to experience more good stuff for my skin.
— Ira G.

If you have not been to Jill Bucy you have not had a really great facial. I have gone to practically every spa in Seattle and nothing compares! From the impeccable decor to the insanely fabulous and worth-every-penny skincare products and lovely, well-trained staff Jill Bucy has managed to do what not many spas can — create an experience. GO! Simply fabulous!
— Laura, Seattle