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Skincare Treatments

GlycoAla Treatment $300
GlycoAla is the world's only cosmetic photodynamic gel that includes hyaluronic acid, and is encapsulated in an advanced glycosphere nanoparticle delivery system for superior stability, absorption, and results. Light-activated, non-invasive GlycoAla dramatically changes the appearance of: *pore size, fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, skin tone and firmness, skin smoothness, hydration.
GlycoAla is a treatment for clients looking for an anti-aging procedure that provides a more dramatic, longer lasting improvement than a chemical peel, but who are not ready for a more invasive procedure.

Classic French Facial $175-$185

Consultation and thorough skin analysis are followed by deep cleansing, exfoliation, and gentle extractions; relaxing accupressure and lymphatic massage of the arms, head, and neck to encourage decongestion; a customized masque and clinical aromatherapy to aid in healing and revitalization.

Vital Cleanse $145
For the busy client, this 60-minute treatment is based on the Jill Bucy Classic French Facial, achieving deeply cleansed, balanced, glowing skin without the extended treatment or lymphatic massage.

Tata Harper Rejuvenating Organic Facial $175
An hour-long facial featuring all Tata Harper 100% natural organic products. A skin analysis kicks off the treatment, which includes two custom cleanses, a mask, extractions, an application of a customized blend of serums, a cream, and finishing serum. This wildly effective treatment—which leverages the power of enzymes—is great for gently but thoroughly exfoliating, cleaning and treating the skin. The result is youthful, radiant skin.

Tata Harper Total Complexion Peel $70
Brightening Organic Facial $220

This 100% natural peel has 22 high-performance ingredients that work to purify, smooth, balance, and hydrate the look of your skin. Multiple natural sources of alpha hydroxy acids, poly hydroxy acids, and beta hydroxy acids are combined to exfoliate and give skin a gorgeous glow with no downtime! Come in for the 30 minute Total Complexion peel, or experience the entire 60 minute Brightening Organic Facial with extractions, massage and moisturizing mask added at the end.

Oxygen Facial $250
Utilizing the Oxygen Ceuticals OZ Portable machine, this treatment delivers extremely concentrated oxygen molecules directly to the epidermis in order to strengthen elasticity, reduce fine lines, and plump up skin. Highly-pressurized oxygen becomes a system for delivering intense hydration into the skin. Based on your skin’s unique needs, we add a customized blend of botanicals, vitamins and other nutrients to the oxygen mist, which is then applied to the face and neck. The oxygen goes to work, absorbing this moisture cocktail into the skin and leaving you with a healthy, radiant complexion.

NEW Vip O2 Booster Treatment $270
This Treatment uses the newly developed VIP O2 Booster product and facial structuring techniques developed by Biologique Recherche to provide an incredible soft focus effect to the entire face. This treatment uniquely oxygenates, brightens, detoxifies, tightens, and lifts the skin for beautifully radiant results.

Advanced French Facial $250
The Jill Bucy Classic French Facial with additional lifting, toning, and cleansing techniques — according to client's needs.

Soin Lissant $250 or $290 with Remodeling Face Machine
This treatment employs the strong hydrating, renewing, and protecting properties of the Biologique Recherche Soin Lissant booster, while also calming the skin. The unique BR application technique, consisting of sculpting movements and quick pulsing strokes, lifts and restructures the entire face and decollete. The Biologique Recherche Remodelling Face Machine may be added at the end for a complete facial workout!

Lift C.V.S $250 or $290 with Remodelling Face Machine
The Biologique Recherche Lift C.V.S. is a specially designed booster to exfoliate, lift, restructure, firm, hydrate and protect against exterior aggressions. This is an ideal exfoliating treatment for seborrheic, thick, dull skin, and/or skin with pigmentation.

Remodelling Face Machine Facial $230
Our Classic French Facial, finished with the Biologique Recherche Remodelling Face Machine. This revolutionary machine increases product penetration, revitalizes and purifies the skin, and tightens and tones the muscles and underlying tissues. The face is lifted and contoured, leaving you with the feeling of a face lift without the surgery.

Perfector Treatment $230 Package of three $621 Package of six $1173
Includes intensive treatment with the Perfector machine. After the machine treatment is complete, the skin is treated to a customized mixture of serums. The result is immediate and without any down time, pain, redness or inflammation. The skin will continue to improve as the Perfector becomes part of your regular skin care regime.

Perfector Deluxe Treatments $290 Package of three $783 Package of six $1,479
Supplement your Advanced French Facial with a customized current-lifting skin treatment utilizing two different machines to provide instant and dramatic results. The skin is then treated with a personalized mixture of serums. Your skin will appear more toned, luminous and hydrated, fine lines will be diminished, skin tone more even.

Ultimate Lift Facial $290 with Perfector Machine $330

Combining the magic of a manual facelift with a Soin Lissant booster and followed by a triple lifting mask, this exclusive and unique facial treatment is the newest offering at Jill Bucy Skincare. It delivers amazing results, and your skin will look radiant and youthful. A customized mixture of serums completes the treatment.

Biologique Recherche Second Skin Treatment $330
Designed to address fine lines and wrinkles, the Second Skin treatment utilizes cutting-edge electrospinning technology to create a revolutionary fiber patch made up of 80% hyaluronic acid. This treatment includes the Biologique Recherche Remodeling Face machine to tone and firm, then the patches are strategically placed to draw moisture to the skin and to plump and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Finished with the ultra-nourishing Masque Vernix.

Micropuncture Lab $360 Package of three $972 Package of six $1944
An intensive treatment that helps fight against signs of premature skin aging. The combination of the Cocktail d'Actifs Regenerants and the Micro-Puncture Lab simulates inra-dermic collagen production for immediately visible results. Wrinkles are visibly reduced and an instant lifting affect leaves your skin is revitalized and plumped. We recommend a 3 or 6 session treatment. Whole face, includes cleansing, mask and finishing serums.

Biorevitalization Treatment $250
A revolutionary approach to promoting skin health, the Biorevitalization Treatment utilizes cold laser technology to dramatically increase the natural regenerative processes of the body. Capable of penetrating through tissue and into cell photoreceptors, the treatment combines two wavelengths—red and near infrared light waves—to encourage cell regeneration, enhance detoxification, and boost the skin’s metabolism. Monochromic light activates enzymes and stimulates the release of the chemical ATP to deliver energy to cells. With this increase in energy, cells can function at full capacity to stimulate collagen and elastin production, resulting in firmer, smoother skin. The healing properties of red and near infrared light waves also makes this fantastic for treating signs of aging, inflammation, rosacea, acne, and eczema.

Pro-Therm Service - From $60 to $170, depending on the size of areas being treated
Our new Pro-Therm service uses a cutting edge tool to safely remove blemishes, skin tags, hyperpigmentation (sunspots), broken capillaries and other skin irregularities. This is a non-invasive treatment that can be used to treat the face, neck, torso, arms and legs.

Hand Treatment $50
The Jill Bucy Skincare Hand Treatment utilizes Biologique Recherche products and is designed to moisturize, reduce pigmentation, and brighten your hands during a facial treatment. Skin will be perfectly hydrated, regain suppleness, softness and radiance.

Biologique Recherche Skin Instant Lab $50
The Skin Instant Lab consists of five probes to measure hydration, transepidermal water loss, elasticity, pigmentation, and sebum levels. This machine is connected to the Biologique Recherche database, giving you expert dermo-cosmetic analysis and registered measurements to help recommend a selection of BR products and treatments perfectly customized for your Skin Instant.

Lightwave LED Therapy Add-On $60
This sophisticated LED light therapy offers the most cutting edge application in the industry. Lightwave LED therapy utilizes Red light therapy, Infrared light therapy and Blue light therapy for anti aging, skin rejuvenation, wrinkles, acne scars and more. Lightwave stimulates collagen and elastin production and tissue repair which can reduce and even reverse the effects of aging and damage to skin and other bodily tissues. It does this by enacting protocols that activate the cellular renewal process, while restoring and protecting the surface of the skin, resulting in a significant and yet completely natural looking cosmetic enhancement.
For best results, we recommend beginning with a series of 3-6 Lightwave LED treatments performed once per week. Thereafter, treatments may be done once every 4-6 weeks to maintain results.
Add-On Facial Services

Masque Exfoliant P50 $20
Acides de Fruits Peel $30
Tata Harper Peel $40
Red LED $30
Biorevitalization $60
Cold Mask $20
E-Vital Eye Mask $20
Feerie Mask $45
Collagen Sheet Mask $10

** 10% OFF each service when purchased in a package
Waxing & Sugaring smooth, lustrous, hair-free
Jill Bucy Skincare offers a full range of gently executed waxing and sugaring services, giving you smooth, gorgeous skin for 2 to 8 weeks.

  • Underarm $30
  • Bikini $50
  • First Time Brazilian $80
  • Maintenance Brazilian $70
  • Brows $35
  • Lip $20
  • Chin $20
  • Half Arm $40
Lash & Brow bright, beautiful, defined
Jill Bucy Skincare offers the following to brighten and define the eyes
  • Brow Tint $25
  • Lash Tint $25

Cancellations and No Shows
If you need to modify or cancel your appointment, please do so within 48 hours of your appointment. In the event that you are unable to give sufficient notice, a cancellation charge for the full service may apply if we cannot fill the appointment.