Jill Bucy Skincare
European skin care: clean, balanced, beautiful

Jill Bucy Skincare has been providing Seattle's only French-style facial services since 2006. Since we opened, we've fast become a Seattle favorite, with a coterie of enthusiastic customers and wonderful press. No technique or approach is effective without a compassionate practitioner for whom care of the skin and related systems is a passion. Our clients appreciate the difference that a classical French approach to skincare makes to their bien-être total and youthful appearance.

Svetlana Ponomareva, owner

Svetlana Ponomareva master esthetician, owner and aesthetician, has come to Jill Bucy Skincare with a true passion for the FRENCH techniques. She has been extensively trained in the BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE Methodologies both in an internship with Jill Bucy as well as advanced training with the top educators from Paris. Svetlana has very loyal and strong following and is an asset in our quest to create beautiful skin. She believes that glowing skin comes from within, as well from an excellent skincare regime. “It’s how you eat, your attitude, and taking great care of your skin,” Svetlana says.
She grew up in Russia in a family of artists and was always drawn to beauty.
“I was not born with perfect skin and wondered if it was possible to make your skin flawless and beautiful. Before BIOLOGIQUE RECHERCHE, I didn’t know much about French skincare. From the first day, I was astonished. I got a feeling, this is it. The French technique and philosophy feels so organic and so right. It’s the only skincare that changed my skin quickly”

Brynn Strader, esthetician

Brynn Strader, esthetician, Brynn is a skilled esthetician, receiving her certification with Biologique Recherche in New York and mastering the protocols of both Jill Bucy Skincare and Biologique Recherche. Brynn’s beliefs align with the JBS and Biologique Recherche philosophy of using state-of-the-art products and non-invasive treatments to customize a skincare program. “I like that Biologique Recherche is focused more on developing an effective daily skincare routine, rather than relying solely on treatments to have great skin.” And she couldn’t be more excited to get her hands on clients’ skin. “I like seeing a client come in and knowing that I can help her to relax, even temporarily. Touch is very important and a lot of people don’t have nearly enough human contact. I enjoy having a one-on-one connection and focusing exclusively on a client’s specific needs.” And she also loves the results: glowing skin and a relaxed, more centered demeanor.