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A love letter to P50

P50 image
We all love our P50. It's true love, our skin's soulmate. In fact, many of our clients can’t live without it. Biologique Recherche’s Dr. Allouche has called it a “potion in a lotion” and it is the keystone to BR’s skin care treatment. There’s nothing else like it on the market.

There are a few different versions, but all are the unique result of 30 years of development and experience. P50 balancing exfoliators speed up the epidermis' natural exfoliating process and the reconstruction of the epidermal shield. The fortified epidermis protects the skin, boosting its self-regeneration abilities. All BR treatments begin with the P50 ritual in the morning and evening. It gently exfoliates the skin, regulates excessive sebum secretion, moisturizes and helps maintain the epidermis' acid pH. It prevents and treats in-grown hairs, and is therefore ideal for pre- and post-shaving skin care.

Sound too good to be true? Well, don’t take it from us. Here are a few of the articles praising P50 (and dissing the smell, which, truth be told, is a bit acrid but it’s a small price to pay for the many benefits of this loved potion).

  • Brides.com said it’s a must-have for every bride:
  • Beauty hound Hannah Bronfman detailed her skin care regimen in the New York Times, putting Lotion P50 PIGM400 front and center.
  • New York Magazine featured it under the headline “Jesus in a bottle.” Seriously.

Find your perfect P50:

Lotion P50 is the formulation that started it all, the original P50 is recommended for seborrheic or hyper-keratinized skin.

Lotion P50 V is the kinder formulation developed for less toned and devitalized skin.

Lotion P50 W is the gentlest exfoliator of the bunch. It is chock-full of anti-inflammatory active ingredients and ideal for fine, sensitive skin prone to redness.

Lotion P50 PIGM 400 is an exfoliating and brightening lotion perfect for dull complexions with hyperpigmented marks. Unexpected ingredients pack a powerful punch: Palmaria Palmata extract lightens pigmentation and inhibits melanin synthesis, AHAs exfoliate, and Vitamin B3 and Wasabi extract are powerful antioxidants.

To use P50:

The first week, soak a cotton pad moistened with water with Lotion P50 and apply to the face, neck and cleavage, patting upward gently without rubbing. The following days, skip the water and soak a dry cotton pad with Lotion P50. Follow with your other favorite BR products. And don’t worry if you first feel a bit of tingling upon use. When the pH of the epidermis is unbalanced, you will feel the P50’s acidity. Once the skin is balanced, that sensation goes away.

For more on this new formulation of P50, check out this Man Repeller interview with Dr. Allouche or article on Racked.com:

(photo: lipstickalley.com)

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Treating your skin now that summer is over

Sun damageWhile we emphasized the importance of hydrating and protecting the skin as we move into cooler weather, we must also stress the importance of treating your skin to reverse any sun exposure you experienced during our long, glorious summer.

To that end, Svetlana recommends several Biologique products that will repair and renew:

  • P50: The rock upon which BR is built, P50 is a must. Balancing exfoliators speed up the epidermis' natural exfoliating process and the reconstruction of the epidermal shield. The fortified epidermis can then fulfill its protective functions completely, enhancing skin's self-regeneration potential.
  • Lotion MC 110 No1 or No2: A supplement to P50, this restructuring lotion exfoliates and tones the epidermis and smoothes lines and wrinkles.
  • Masque Vivant: BR’s balancing mask par excellence, Masque Vivant is ideal for skin that got a little too much sun. High concentrations of Yeast, Cucumber, and Witch Hazel extracts gently but effectively purify the skin, transforming a dull, uneven complexion into radiant skin.
  • Crème PIGM 400: The sun can leave skin uneven, dull and even spotted. This secret weapon is a concentrated mix of brightening, anti-spot and protective ingredients. Its formulation helps correct existing imperfections and prevents the appearance of further pigmentary spots. The complexion is brighter and the skin more uniform.
  • Sérum PIGM 400: Used in conjunction with Crème PIGM 400, this brightening, spot-correcting serum illuminates the complexion and fights free radicals. In addition, the serum will help prevent further sun damage and dark spots.

In addition, there are some great foods you can incorporate into your diet going forward to protect your skin from the sun, including salmon and dark chocolate (not exactly a hardship!). We write about our top 10 foods here.

And of course, come in for a treatment—a Classic French Facial, paired with the Perfector Treatment, will revitalize and repair the skin. Your skin will feel transformed, even as the leaves are changing.

(photo: sandelcenter.com)

October 01, 2015

Introducing the Pumpkin Spice Facial

Pumpkin-592x396Everything’s coming up pumpkins! The Pumpkin Spice Latte has returned to Starbucks and all is right in the world. However, with the change of season, things might not be quite right with your complexion.

Enter the Pumpkin Spice Facial.

More gentle than but just as effective as chemical peels, our unique treatment has simultaneous actions: Our pumpkin peel exfoliates and draws out impurities while introducing vitamins, enzymes and nutrients into the skin. It is great for smoothing the skin, as the naturally occurring salicylic acid and enzymes in pumpkin remove the dead surface cells that cause rough texture and alpha hydroxy acids increase cell turnover.

High in antioxidants and nutrients, natural pumpkin is used in beauty products to treat tired skin. Our exclusive facial also features a pumpkin collagen mask, which soothes, smooths, and plumps the skin. A sheet mask delivers the benefits of pumpkin extract to the skin as green tea extract and collagen soothe.

And it smells as delicious as your favorite autumn latte. Our exclusive Pumpkin Spice Facial offers a decadent experience for the senses and will result in glowing skin and immediate results. $145

Call us at 206-283-9295206-283-9295 to book!

September 08, 2015

Fall Special Offers

Autumn_skincare-300x225As we move into Fall, our skin—as well as our schedule—changes. We know you're crazy busy so we've put together some special September offers to ensure you are putting your best face forward!

Vital Cleanse in Under an Hour

Busy with work, getting the kids back to school, and the onset of the holidays? Feel as if you just can’t fit any self-care into your packed schedule? We feel your pain. And we also know this: radiant skin is important to you. So we’ve created a 45-minute treatment to refine and refresh your skin. We’ll get you glowing in under an hour so you can get back to your busy life. $95

Free Peel with Any Facial

If you book any facial treatment during September, receive a complimentary Masque Aux Acides de Fruits peel. In addition to our amazing French facials, Masque aux Acides de Fruits purifies and renews keratinized skin. Its formulation is rich in apple, grape and ginger fruit acids, all of which renew the skin. It is recommended for thick, keratinized, aging skin.

Call the studio at 206-283-9295 and book today to have radiant skin throughout the Fall season!

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July 24, 2015

The Tata Harper Organic Facial: The At-Home Version

Tata Harper productsHave you experienced the luscious, effective products of Tata Harper? Due to your requests and our love of all things Tata, we now offer an hour-long Rejuvenating Organic Facial that uses only Tata Harper 100% natural organic products and our clients have swooned.

To take care of your skin in between treatments at the spa, you can refresh and refine your skin with three Tata Harper 100% natural organic products and an easy at-home routine.

Here's how:

  1. Cleanse with Tata's Regenerating Cleanser to polish and revive your complexion.
  2. Next, apply the Resurfacing Mask for an instant glow from the inside out.
  3. Finish with a spritzing of the Hydrating Floral Essence to freshen, hydrate and awaken the senses.

When you need a professional treatment, just call us to book an appointment and discover the magic that happens when Jill Bucy Skincare meets Tata Harper Skincare.

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